Anna Stubbendorff

PhD Student

Anna Stubbendorff is a registered dietitian. She holds BSc in Media and Communication from Lund University (2003), a BSc in Clinical Nutrition from Suhr’s Metropolitan University College in Copenhagen (2009). Additionally, Anna has taken several postgraduate courses in the field of nutrition. In 2019, Anna began her PhD studies in the Nutritional Epidemiology group. Her projects focus on sustainable nutrition.

Anna has experience working in a clinical setting developing more sustainable food programmes in hospitals. Anna has also been a program manager for the Swedish Association of Clinical Dietitians with projects addressing public health, cancer prevention, non-communicable diseases and sustainable food consumption. Anna has prior NGO experience working with  sustainability and human rights in India.

Anna’s PhD research is focused on perspectives of health and climate and inequalities in health. Anna is enrolled in the Agenda 2030 Graduate School. She will examine sustainable nutrition within the broader framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.