Stina Ramne

PhD Student

Stina Ramne is a registered dietitian and holds a MSc in Clinical Nutrition from University of Gothenburg (2017). In 2017, Stina began her PhD studies in the Nutritional Epidemiology group. Her projects study the link between consumption of added sugars and risk of cardiometabolic disease through various potential pathways, including inflammatory pathways and the gut microbiota.

In 2019, Stina was appointed as president of the Southern Swedish Nutrition Society (Swedish: Sydsvensk Förening för Nutrition (SFN)), a post that she still holds to this day.

Stina’s main interest has always been in the prevention of obesity and diabetes, and related diseases. Stina’s most recent interest is in the discovery of objective measurements of sugar intake in the form of nutritional biomarkers, such as urinary sucrose and fructose.

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