Suzanne Janzi

PhD Student

Suzanne Janzi holds a BSc in Nutrition from Stockholm University (2018) and a MSc in Nutrition science from the Karolinska Institute (2019). Suzanne wrote her thesis projects in the Nutritional Epidemiology group and joined the Nutritional Epidemiology group as a Project Assistant in 2020. She began her PhD studies in April 2021 with her projects focusing on metabolic characterisation of high sugar consumers with focus on genetics, metabolomics and gut microbiota.

Suzanne has experience working as a laboratory engineer at Karolinska University Hospital and has also been a teaching assistant for an online nutrition course given at the Karolinska Institute. She is also involved with the Public Health Nutrition course which is given as part of the Master’s in Public Health at Lund University.

Suzanne’s interests within her field of work include understanding the associations between what we eat and our health, from the molecular aspects to the societal impact. Additionally, she aims to package the knowledge in a way that allows effective communication, not only to the scientific community, but to the broader public as well.